Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and many more!

Let us guide you, to your MBBS and MD degree at prestigious medical universities all over Europe.

Study MBBS at the best universities in Europe!
Study MBBS at the best universities in Europe!

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Our Universities are among the best universities in Europe!

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Universitäten für dein Medizinstudium im Ausland

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How we help you to get an admission for medicine at the university of your dreams.

Low chances with NEET in India? Therefore, the alternative abroad!

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1. Wir beraten dich

Find out from us which universities are right for you!

Counselling & Application

We guide you through the application processes at different universities.

2. Wir bereiten dich vor

With e-learning, learning scripts, learning videos, preparatory courses and more!

Preparation & Education

With e-learning, learning scripts, learning videos, preparatory courses and more!

3. Wir unterstützen dich

Formation of a shared apartment, get-to-know-you events, and support during your studies!

Support, Assistance & Network

Formation of a shared apartment, get-to-know-you events, and support during your studies!

Meet our founders

futureMBBS was founded and is run by doctors

Once upon a time, in the bustling halls of a medical school, two minds crossed paths and began a journey that would change the landscape of medical education forever: Amandeep and Andreas, two ambitious and talented medical students, met while pursuing their dreams of becoming doctors. Little did they know, their shared passion for medicine would spark an idea that would impact the lives of countless aspiring doctors around the world.
While tackling the rigors of their own medical studies, Amandeep and Andreas recognized the difficulties many students faced in gaining admission to reputable medical schools in Europe. Driven by a desire to make a difference, they founded futuredoctor in 2016, an innovative platform that would help students navigate the complex world of medical admissions. Their tireless work all around the healthcare sector caught the attention of the federal ministry of health, the German President and lead to collaborations on various healthcare projects that further solidified their commitment to transforming the medical education landscape.

Now, as successful doctors, Amandeep and Andreas have taken their expertise and dedication beyond the borders of Germany. Their new venture, futureMBBS, aims to assist Indian students in pursuing their MBBS at the best universities in Europe. The duo understands the challenges these students face, having already helped hundreds of German and Austrian students overcome similar obstacles.
Through futureMBBS, Amandeep and Andreas have created a gateway to world-class medical education for Indian students, guiding them through every step of the admission process. The platform offers invaluable resources, personalized mentoring, and access to a network of connections with leading European universities.
But futureMBBS is more than just a service - it's a testament to the passion and perseverance of its founders. Amandeep and Andreas are living proof that dreams can become reality, and they're dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of doctors has the opportunity to realize their own dreams as well.
So, future doctor, if you're an aspiring doctor seeking the best education that Europe has to offer, look no further than futureMBBS. Under the expert guidance of Amandeep, Andreas and the futureMBBS team , you'll embark on an exciting journey toward a successful medical career, and become a part of a story that has already inspired countless students to achieve their dreams.
Join the futureMBBS family today, and let Amandeep and Andreas guide you on the path to your own extraordinary medical journey. The future of healthcare awaits you!

Following universities in Europe are our official cooperating partners

In a tale of unwavering dedication, we at futureMBBS have meticulously chosen each university in our program, bringing together the finest medical faculties across Europe. Our steadfast relationships with these esteemed institutions are built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. As a result, we confidently ensure a seamless admissions process and effortless communication with study advisors at every partner university, making each aspiring doctor's journey a remarkable and unforgettable experience. 

Jessenius University
Martin, Slovakia

Semmelweis University
Budapest, Hungary

University of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus

Medical University
Pecs, Hungary

Charles University
Pilsen, Czech Republic

Palacky University
Olomouc, Czech Republic

Comenius University
Bratislava, Slovakia

Studienberatung zum Medizinstudium im Ausland

We guide you, through every step of the way

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Exploring your options and making the right choice can be though. That’s why we are here to help. Under our expert guidance you will embark your full potential and will achieve your goal of pursuing your medical education and becoming a medical doctor.

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The perks of studying MBBS abroad in Europe

When admission restrictions threaten to push the dream of a medical career into the realm of distant fantasies, fear not, futureMBBS is here to guide you. As the saying goes, "All roads lead to Rome" - or in this case, to a beautiful European city where you can pursue your passion for medicine or dentistry. With futureMBB’s unwavering support and a comprehensive suite of services, we will walk beside you on the path to your flourishing medical career, ensuring you find the perfect place to nurture your potential.

Study MBBS at great and renown universities in beautiful cities

Be it Bratislava, Riga, Budapest, or any other esteemed university abroad, the curricula adhere to global standards and are recognized in India. Pursuing MBBS as a degree overseas and completing PG (post graduate) training in one's homeland has become a widely accepted practice. The international education experience offers an incredible bonus: in addition to a fully recognized and exceptional medical education, recognized as MBBS in India, you'll have the unique opportunity to broaden your horizons, forge meaningful connections, and build an extensive network spanning countries across the globe. Embrace the world of possibilities with a futureMBBS education.

Why choose futureMBBS?

In the bustling world of aspiring Indian doctors, the quest for an MBBS admission often seems insurmountable. Amidst this challenge, futureMBBS emerges as the guiding light, leading you to the enchanting realm of prestigious European universities.

But how do you navigate the uncharted waters of selecting the right university and preparing for registration? With futureMBBS as your compass, you'll never lose your way. Their seasoned team, led by two accomplished doctors who themselves have studied abroad, will manage your application process and provide essential materials for any entrance exams.

Upon securing admission, futureMBBS will be your steadfast companion, offering invaluable on-site support—from finding a place to live to addressing technical queries. And when the time comes for you to don the white coat, futureMBBS will be by your side once more, assisting in your search for job opportunities at esteemed clinics across Europe.

For futureMBBS is driven by a singular mission: to champion and support the dreams of future doctors. Embrace the journey with futureMBBS, and watch as your struggles transform into the foundations of a remarkable medical career. request free consultation

Only 5% pass NEET
to get an admission for MBBS in India

We help you to get an admission for your MBBS study at the best medical universities in Europe.

In the land of dreams and ambitions, thousands of young Indian students aspire to join the ranks of esteemed medical professionals, driven by their passion to serve and heal. The MBBS dream, however, is not an easy one to achieve. Every year, a staggering 1.6 million aspiring doctors take the NEET test, and the harsh reality is that only a small fraction of these candidates successfully clear this crucial test. For the vast majority, their dreams are shattered, leaving them with limited options and an uncertain future.
Therefore, we are here to offer a beacon of hope: prestigious European universities, where the dreams of becoming a medical professional are not only within reach but also achievable. These institutions offer world-class education, global exposure, and a chance to excel in the field of medicine without the anxiety of NEET. So, if you are one of the countless Indian students struggling to find your way in the world of MBBS admissions, don't let NEET define your future. Choose Europe and redefine your destiny.